Wartribe Academy [Mr.Rooster] [v1.9.7 Public]

Wartribe Academy

Wartribe Academy PC Game is ready for you, accessible through a direct link. It’s free to download on your PC, providing more than just a standard download—it’s a direct gateway to an immersive adventure. The game was released on May 06, 2024.


You’re the prince of this badass warrior tribe that’s suddenly famous. Your dad sees this as a chance to hook you up with an alliance of 10 city states. So, each city sends their hottest noble daughter to be your bride, but here’s the twist: they’re all playing their own game! You gotta hang out with them at your Academy and figure out which noble babe is on your side. But watch out, ’cause your old man drops a bombshell: one of these families might’ve offed your mom! You might also want to check out the game The Nexus.


  • Developer: [Mr.Rooster].
  • Censored: No.
  • Version: 1.9.7 Public.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Language: English.


  • Unpack and execute.


  • Version 1.9.7:
  • Updated 7 scenes related to Joy’s manipulation arc
  • Revised 7 scenes for Rhea’s more affectionate storyline
  • Improved 1 scene in the affection route
  • Enhanced 2 scenes in the corruption route
  • Added Keiko Content (Accessible in Magna’s storyline)
  • Version 1.9.6:
  • Updated 7 scenes for Joy’s manipulation arc
  • Updated 7 scenes for Rhea’s affectionate route
  • Revised 1 scene in the affection route
  • Enhanced 2 scenes in the corruption route
  • Version 1.9.2:
  • Various bug fixes
  • Version 1.9.1 Bug Patch:
  • Minor fixes addressing image alignment and text formatting issues
  • Resolved major bugs affecting game progression and scene order



Wartribe Academy adult game
Wartribe Academy adult game

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