Unholy Arts [Deep Interactivity] [v0.4.5c]

Unholy Arts adult game

Unholy Arts PC Game is ready for you, accessible through a direct link. It’s free to download on your PC, providing more than just a standard download—it’s a direct gateway to an immersive adventure. The game was released on June 24, 2024.


Passion, love, and power drive the main characters in Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim. In this game, six women team up and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, mixing yuri, romance, and power struggles into one wild adventure.

It’s like an RPG, a simulation, and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game rolled into one. This unique setup lets each character shape their own path based on their goals and desires which evolve as they experience new things. How Will your Choices impact your Companions and your relationships with them. Will you dominate them, or will they end up controlling you. You might also want to check out the game Accidental Mind.


  • Developer: [Deep Interactivity].
  • Censored: No.
  • Version: 0.4.5c.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Language: English.


  • Unpack and execute.


  • v0.3.1
  • Story Events
  • Shunned By Her Own” now occurs after day 21 as a main story event.
  • “Flaunting A Kitty” has been added to the random story events list, featuring Claw and Padmiri, with 3 short sex scenes and 3 average-length sex scenes.
  • v0.3.0
  • Story Events
  • Introduced “Gleaming Caverns Overview” as a fixed story event occurring after day 18. This event involves all Candidates and does not include battle or sex scenes.
  • Following this event, the charisma and empathy affinities of all Candidates will increase, while all other stats will decrease.



Unholy Arts adult game
Unholy Arts adult game

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