Traveler Inn Tales [Star Tree Games] [v0.95b]

Traveler Inn Tales

Traveler Inn Tales PC Game is ready for you, accessible through a direct link. It’s free to download on your PC, providing more than just a standard download—it’s a direct gateway to an immersive adventure. The game was released on June 15, 2024.

OVERVIEW Traveler Inn Tales

Traveler Inn Tales is this awesome fantasy ARPG where you team up with cool female companions to tackle dungeons and build strong connections. If you spend enough time bonding, they might even become your girlfriends… But watch out, because if you’re not careful, your rivals can swipe them from under your nose. The game rocks 13 heroines, each with their own deep stories, backgrounds, and some hot scenes—over 2200 pics, man! Plus, there’s this fast-paced dungeon crawling action and a rival system to compete for your girls‘ affection. You might also want to check out the game HoTime Saga.

Traveler Inn Tales (INFORMATION)

  • Developer: [Star Tree Games].
  • Censored: No.
  • Version: 0.95b.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Language: English.

Traveler Inn Tales (INSTALLATION)

  • Unpack and execute.

Traveler Inn Tales (CHANGELOG)

  • Version 0.95b:
  • Corrected issues with virginity switches for other heroines not activating during initial intercourse.
  • Resolved the Guild nun’s Rival report teleportation bug that sent the player to the top of a building.
  • Fixed the Inn sex ending CG to properly display Alice.
  • Addressed dialogue issues with the witch in front of Mystery Mask.
  • Version 0.95a:
  • Major updates include:
  • Introduction of a new sex system for Alice, Bel, Mala, Ranny, Rina, Risa, and Sofia.
  • Replaced the original sex system with a new one emphasizing animations. Plans are underway to transition the remaining heroines within two months to retire the older system.



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