Love Honor Betray [Renio Studios] [Ep. 9]

Love Honor Betray

Love Honor Betray PC Game is ready for you, accessible through a direct link. It’s free to download on your PC, providing more than just a standard download—it’s a direct gateway to an immersive adventure. The game was released on June 30, 2024.

OVERVIEW Love Honor Betray

So, there’s this 24-year-old chick named Lacey Williamson, right? She’s a nurse at this huge hospital in a made-up town called Rockingham. One day, while she’s on duty, bam! She gets sucked into this crazy scandal and becomes the target of some messed up blackmailer. The big question is: how far will Lacey go to deal with this, and who’s gonna be in on it with her?

Now, Lacey’s hitched to Ashton, a 32year-old hotshot surgeon who’s killing it at the hospital. He’s like the big boss of surgery, climbing the ladder and all that jazz. Problem is, his job keeps him crazy busy, and he’s hardly ever home, which totally bums Lacey out.

There are loads of other characters in the mix, and how things play out between them and Lacey is totally up in the air. You might also want to check out the game Sugar Service.

Love Honor Betray (INFORMATION)

  • Developer: [Renio Studios].
  • Censored: No.
  • Version: Ep. 9.
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Language: English.

Love Honor Betray (INSTALLATION)

  • Unpack and execute.

Love Honor Betray (CHANGELOG)

  • Changelog Ep.9
  • In this episode, Day 11 is partially covered, focusing exclusively on the completed lesbian path. The second path will be released at the earliest opportunity.
  • Changelog Ep.8
  • Episode 8 covers Day 10. Lacey Enjoys a tranquil nature walk with an old friend and engages in enlightening and intriguing interactions with her colleagues.



Love Honor Betray adult game
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